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Natural Formula

Natural Formula is a major Israeli hair care company.

It specializes in hair carestyling and colorants and is the main sponsor of Israels' Beauty Queen pageant. I designed their entire website, including promotional web banners, e-commerce marketing for and more. 

Their products are sold worldwide and the majority of the online content was translated into multiple languages.

The homepage

The main homepage was designed with big, striking strips of images of that years Beauty Queens. The top part has interchanging banners and promotions.

3 copy 2.png

The product page

Here you can read about every product

and how it affects your hair. Every product comes with

a set of articles that have to do  with hairstyles that are done with it.

3 copy 3.png

Here you can see the products

in your cart. The fine frames change their color according

to the product. For instance, green represents Keratine.

The cart page

3 copy 8.png banners

2 examples of web banners promoting

the store on &

For the background, I used Bokeh effect spots. Each range of products has their own color of spots which is used throughout the website, banners and other promotional material

Promotional banners

Artboard 4 copy 2.png
Artboard 4 copy.png
Artboard 4 copy 3.png
3 copy 4.png
3 copy 5.png
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